Submission Guidelines

Julia - Uganda -101_0503Julia - Uganda - 101_0430Kenya Family Medinicine (Moi Site Visit) DSC_7940Rethink Aid advocates for holistic, horizontal health systems and calls for a focus on the social and political determinants of health. Rethink Aid is always looking for new submissions!

What should your submission accomplish?

  • Critically examine health and development aid practices that prioritize donor-driven, technical approaches
  • Explore alternative options in the global aid landscape and highlight the valuable knowledge of local communities in addressing health
  • Examine global health from all perspectives – ¬†we would appreciate it if your post focused on one or more of the following topics: health, economy, environment, social progression
  • Connect the experiences of health care workers in aid-recipient countries with students and young professionals in donor countries
  • Give voice to the perspectives of those who are often left out of the dialogue about global health aid


  • Submissions should be 400-1000 words long and sent in Microsoft Word format (.doc).
  • We [and our readers] love pictures and videos! Please attach a .jpeg of image(s) or provide a link to image(s)/video on a personal website
  • Please do not send us images that you do not have permission to use – your own photos are preferred.


  • Although we are primarily an English language blog we will accept a piece in another language as long as it is accompanied by an English translation and both will be posted.

Citing data:

  • Cite all data sources.
  • Include links within your text (in parenthesis) whenever you reference an external source that is available on the web.
  • For other sources, please include cites in line, in parenthesis, and include: author name, title, organization (if applicable), publisher and publisher location, date, and type of source (i.e. personal communication, book, article)
  • As many blogs are stories and opinions, not all will have cites/sources/links.

To have a post be considered for publishing, please send submission or any questions to

An editor will review your article and get back to you within two weeks. If a piece is time sensitive, please let us know.



**We reserve the right to reject or edit all submissions. All edited submissions will be sent back to the writer for final approval before posted.**